In ASJade's vision, we are committed to "building a connected, intelligent, and sustainable charging infrastructure for future generations." This is not just our corporate goal but a pledge to sustainable development. As pioneers driving the transformation of the charging industry, we consider sustainable business practices as a moral obligation. This commitment is deeply rooted in our core values, guiding not only how we meet customer needs but also shaping our perspectives on the environment and internal operations.

Our Vision

Actively participate in the societal energy transition by making responsible choices in economic, social, and environmental aspects, driving the charging infrastructure industry towards a more sustainable future.

Our Commitment

ASJade will continue to dedicate itself to driving positive impact. This includes providing consumers with a more environmentally friendly, intelligent, and convenient charging experience, thereby influencing individual lifestyles and making sustainable development an integral part of society.

Such commitment and effort will lead the charging infrastructure industry towards a more sustainable future, becoming a guiding force that benefits society, the environment, and individuals alike.

Sustainability Orientation

At ASJade, we firmly believe that sustainable development is at the core of our corporate values. We are dedicated to establishing a charging infrastructure system based on green energy. This not only helps reduce dependence on traditional energy sources but also contributes to driving energy transition on a global scale. Our sustainability-oriented approach permeates every decision and operation within the company, ensuring that our actions and products have a positive impact on the planet and future generations.


At ASJade, we prioritize customer needs and consider providing excellent products and services our mission. We understand that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of company success, so we continually strive for innovation to meet the evolving market demands. Through a customer-centric approach, we have built strong collaborative relationships and offer customers reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly charging solutions.

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