Smart EV Charging
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We believe the future of the world is to go green. We are committed to the e-mobility and cleantech transition with the goal to create value for all our customers and partners in a sustainable way. We share the same value of doing well by doing good.
EV Charging Solution
EV Charger
EV Charger

Smart Charging

System for data connection between charger, vehicle, and operator.


OCPP 1.6 JSON / OCPP 2.0.1

Weather Proof

NEMA 4 / IP55 for outdoor use.

Energy Star

Energy Star Certified

Product Safety Certification


Robust & Reliable

IK10 Rating

EV Charging Cloud Management Platform
EV Charging Cloud Management Platform

Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamically allocate power to other chargers upon rules

Business Flexibility

Modularized software building blocks for further business expansion

Remote Control & Maintenance

Comprehensive backend system for site operations and maintenance


Industry’s best security and backup


Stays with up-to-date OCPP standard

Hardware Diagnostics

Key function self-checking and reliability monitoring

EV Charging App
EV Charging App
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