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For Business Vehicles and EV Fleets: Smart, High-Power Charging Infrastructure is Vital.

In the pursuit to decrease emissions and minimizing environmental impact, encouraging everyone to choose greener transportation holds significant importance for many industries. ASJade's array of everywhere charging solutions supports property owners in boosting EV adoption, contributing positively to the environment.

Beyond enhancing corporate sustainability, switching to electric vehicle fleets slashes fuel and maintenance expenses, resulting in significant operational savings. Selecting the appropriate charging solution becomes paramount for maintaining efficiency and productivity in operations. ASJade’s EV chargers, coupled with intelligent charging utilization management, optimize fleet operations, ensuring seamless efficiency.

The ASJade AI empowered management platform enables you to easily manage and organize charging stations remotely, including power distribution and output restrictions, ensuring efficient and intelligent charging operations. Simultaneously, real-time monitoring allows you to track the health status of chargers and perform remote resets and troubleshooting, ensuring smooth fleet charging operations.

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