DComo Plus DC Charger

DComo Plus DC Charger

90 to 240kW
DComo DC chargers provide efficient utilization of charging resources, benefiting both public and business charging stations.
  • DC power rating: 90kW-240kW
  • Intelligent Energy Saving Mode to minimize energy consumption.
  • Supports OCPP 1.6J communication protocol
  • Passed cloud network protocol test and was verified by OCTT
  • Equipped with standard Ethernet network connection
  • IP54 Rated for Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Charging Interface: CCS1/CCS2/CHAdeMO
  • Support for 7” colored touch LCD
Smart Energy Saving Mode
The Smart Energy Saving Mode minimizes energy consumption for optimized and cost-efficient charging. Once the charging is complete, charger enters a sleep mode, ensuring efficient energy usage and maximizing savings.
Environmental Adaptability
The DC power module can endure rigorous dusty and salty air tests, enhancing its environmental adaptability.
Smart Remote Upgrades
Smart remote firmware upgrades with our App (OTA) empower operators to intelligently manage and optimize charging stations. All network protocols have been verified by OCTT, ensuring seamless operations.
Charging Management
Instantly initiate charging or schedule charging times on your phone for a convenient charging experience. Save favorite charging stations and access favorite locations.

Customized Design

DComo Plug DC Charger provides the freedom of design that aligns with business style and preferences.

DComo Plus_DC Charger_custom b_4x.png
DComo Plus_DC Charger_custom a_4x.png

Use Cases

DComo Plus offers personalized, smart, and interconnected charging solutions suitable for businesses, residences, or any location.
Auto dealers
Parking lot
Fueling and Road-side station
Service area


Equipment Picture

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