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AI empowered management platform

ASJade AI empowered management platform provide payment processing and managing charging services. This ensures operation of charging stations with flexible pricing options, allowing to customize prices to match your strategy, including automatic adjustments during peak usage hours.
Smart Charging
Remote configuration of charging stations, including maximum current output, ensures efficient and intelligent charging operations and deployment of best-fit business strategy.
Pricing Versatility
Versatile billing options tailored based on driver type via member point and discount point configuration.
Hassle-free Management
Seamless integration of member and account management, including charging authorization for both members and non-members deploys best-fit business strategy.
Firmware Updates
Efficient remote firmware update to a group of specified chargers with visualized progress tracking.
Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis
Actionable reports providing revenue, charging usage, and transaction history to employ the business strategies and optimization of charging station sites.

Meet the ASJade APP

ASJade's app uses AI analysis to help EV drivers monitor their car battery status based on driving habits, while also providing information on the nearest charging stations.
Charging Management
Instantly initiate charging or schedule charging times on your phone for a convenient charging experience. Save favorite charging stations and access favorite locations.
Charging Status Monitoring
Monitor charging progress and details of charging information.
Payment of Charging Fees
Easily pay charging fees by the app after completing charging via multiple methods such as credit cards, Apple Pay, or member points. Be able to check transaction details and history records at any time and enable member point purchase plans and exclusive discounts.
Member Registration
Swift registration by using email, phone number, or third-party accounts (Google, Meta, or Apple) to start your charging journey immediately.
Guest Mode
No registration required; simply scan the QR code to activate charger and start charging.

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