ASLaska AC Charger

ASLaska AC Charger

7.7 to 19.2kW
ASLaska AI EV Charger designed to provide Intelligent, flexibility, reliability, and style for public, business and home charging station.
  • The maximum output power is 19.2 kW / 80 A.
  • Monitor health status and basic information.
  • Smart Charging App.
  • Remote software updates.
  • Third-party certified NEMA 4 rating for indoor/outdoor applications.
  • Built-in meter IC.
  • Charging Interface: SAE J1772 (Type 1).
  • 3" display (Optional).
Health Status
Extend 75% more life cycles by precisely adjusting ON/OFF timing of relay to slow carbon deposition.
Secure Processing Power
New-generation Cortex-M33 processor with advanced security capability and high-performance RTOS.
Hassle-free Installation
Hassle-free installation by adopting high-precision (+/-1%) built-in metering IC to save space and installation cost.
Protect your investment with OCPP 1.6 client, and field upgradable to OCPP 2.0.1 client.

Customized Design

Aslaska offers a customizable design, providing you with the freedom to design a charger that aligns with your business style and preferences.

ASLaska AC Charger_custom a.png
ASLaska AC Charger_custom b.png
ASLaska AC Charger_custom c_4x.png

Use Cases

ASLaska offers personalized, smart, and interconnected charging solutions suitable for businesses, residences, or any location.
Community residence
Auto dealers
Parking lot
Fueling and Road-side station
Service area


Equipment Picture

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